Liger Films
Liger Films is an independent production house tapped into the nucleus of ideas that aim to re-invigorate and break ground through the art of moving image.

The Liger Films family work to produce features, series and experimental shorts with strong messages as well as welcoming and nurturing creatives from all walks of life through idea conception, development, production and exhibition.

Every project is a passion project.

Liger Films has honourably partnered with Community Channel to incubate inspiring young talent to help take their projects from spark to screen. So if you are ambitious and looking to tell stories that need to be told and make "films that need to be made" then get in touch with our open minded, knowledgeable team who know what it's like to be the underdog.

"Community Channel are very pleased to partner with Liger Films in getting community voices heard and bringing unheard talent to a national audience, both on air and online."
- Community Channel

If you have a game-changing idea you'd like to discuss with us, email with your script ensuring you give us a clear and concise understanding of what you are looking to achieve.
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Liger Films is a Terry Mardi Group organisation which has over 14 years of pioneering experience in communicating effectively with the British Asian and global South Asian youth community. It has done so using music, film, fashion, pop culture, the arts as well as created concerts, festivals, digital content, mobile and online distribution platforms to engage with young minds and create the future stars of generation next.
Liger Films is aware that film has the power to positively impact global change.
Therefore, we take this shit really seriously.
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